Powder Coating Removal: How to Remove Powder Coating Demonstration 30-second Video.
Everything you need to know about removing powder coating in a 30-second video.


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MILES #8612  Green Stripping


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MILES #8612 is Multi-Metal Safe (safe for use stripping magnesium and galvanized substrates in addition to aluminum and steel) our Eco-Friendly Powder Coating Stripper is used as received, 100% neat at  160F-180F, strip time is usually 20-30 minutes or use at room temperature without heating overnight in a mild steel or stainless steel immersion tank. The parts or hooks are then rinsed, dried and reprocessed through the paint or powder coating system. The MILES #8612 can be used at room temperature overnight for 3-4 mils of cured powder coat removal.

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